Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weddings, Babies, Puppies and More!

Okay, okay I know I am horrible at this. I haven't posted since i got engaged and so much has happened!
Here is an update on the last two months

The wedding was just PERFECT! The Temple, the flowers, the dresses, the cake, the pics, everything I just loved! The day went by so smoothly and Tyler and i just had the best time. Props to my AMAZING Mom and family who helped with the planning and organizing of
It was the

Here are a few of my favorite pics

#2 Erins Wedding
YAY!!Erin and chad got married! Let me just say, she looked so PRETTY! It was such a nice day and they both looked so happy!

My sister Kelli, her husband and their two oldest girls got to go to Lake Powell for a week so Tyler and I got to babysit baby Jane for a few nights. She is such a cute little girl, but she defiantly has some ATTITUDE. She doesn't really care for Tyler too much so i was pretty much her best friend for a few days.Let's just say she was VERY happy when her mommy came home :)

This top picture pretty much sums up our weekend with her haha.

She was stinker at times but when she was sweet, she was the CUTEST thing ever!
I love that little girl!

#4 Scout
We decided since we don't have t.v. or internet we needed a puppy.
okay... so we really didn't need one, I just wanted one

Scout is such a good puppy, and we just LOVE him to pieces!