Wednesday, May 12, 2010

April showers bring May flowers

AHH April flew by so fast and now it's practically the middle of May!
Here is what we have been up to the past month -

1. Hanging out with Erin and Chad
Love these two. Erin and I love when we get together because the boys will talk about how they are going to get rich someday (and we a get a break from listening to the same ideas ), and Erin and I get to talk about more important things-aka The Hills.

2. MB
I got to see Micheal Buble with my favorite person (krystal, and her sisters) and he was AMAZING!!!He is such a good performer, and doesn't hurt that he is EXTREMELY good looking!

3. Eating Carne Asada
My friend Kori heard of this Mexican restaurant that is in someones back yard. At first I was not too excited going to some random meaxicans house to eat carne asada in their back yard, but boy did my attitude change when i ate my meal! It was soo good! The tacos were just like the ones they have in Rocky Point-Yum!

4. best year
Ty and I celebrated our one year anniversary this April. There are so many reasons why i love Tyler but here are just a few.
1.Tyler is the hardest worker you will ever meet. He always gives everything a 100% at anything he does. Whether it be church, school, work or home he always gets everything done right.
2.Tyler is so smart- and I'm not just saying that cus i love him. He always get straight A's in school and he doesn't even try that hard. ( i get jealous of that). He is always coming up with new ways to make money and grow his family business, and he just doesn't talk about it, he makes it happen.
3. He is such a goofball. Tyler can always make me laugh. even when i try to be mad at him it never lasts long cus that boy always makes me crack! He is so funny and defiantly makes our marriage fun.
Thanks Tyler for being an amazing husband, best friend and daddy to be.
The best is yet to come :)

5. 22years
My 22nd birthday was a blast. The day started with pancakes and strawberries (made by Tyler) and was followed by a mid morning nap. My sister Kelli and I, met my Mom at pita jungle for lunch , where they surprised me with a cookbook with all our favorite family recipes. That night Ty took me out for cheesecake factory and gave me a receipt that said my pottery barn bedding I have wanted FOREVER was in the mail.Love him. The night ended with carrot cake at my parents

(the grilled artichokes at cheesecake were to die for!)
5. Miss Riggy
I have been getting to baby sit my niece Rigley on Tuesdays while Taisa is at work and it has been so much fun! Rigley is such a good baby and i love dressing her up and spending the day with her. I took her to my sisters last week and it was so cute watch all the babies play. When we left Jane yelled out in her raspy voice "Bye Riggy". Ha i died! I think she has a new nick name now ha!

6. haircuts
We decided to trim scout up ourselves instead of taking him to the groomer, and this was the finished product

Yes, he is now the ugliest dog on earth. Yes, i cried. And yes it was a accident.

Well that's all for now!


  1. LOL!! Kasey i totally laughed out loud when you said your dog was the ugliest dog! He is still cute! Looks like you have had a great time!! Love you and miss you!!

  2. Stev and I gave Jingles a hair cut! Trust me your dog is looking VERY handsome compared to poor Jingles! He looked like he got in a fight with a lawn mower! Antying to save a few bucks haha!

    Also, I am jealous you have someone to talk to the hills about....I watch it solo now!

  3. oh kasey i love you girl! so much fun last month! & so glad you got your beloved bedding :)

  4. Hi Kasey!!! I have to tell you something funny {& scary}! That's Chad Clouse in the first picture right? I taught him in Primary when he was 7! Is that scary, I can't believe I'm old enough to have taught someone way back then & to see him as an adult now! He probably doesn't remember me because we moved out of their ward almost 9 years ago. Small world huh?

  5. i can't beleive i missed this post!! this one was my favorite!!