Thursday, June 10, 2010


So ever since I found out we are having a girl
I can't stop dreaming about all these lovely things.........

aren't all those little treasures just dreamy...
every time i check etsy i just sit there with my mouth wide open and go into a daze ha!

i tried to convince ty that our little girl NEEDS all of these cute things
his answer.... " ya no. keep dreaming"

whatev. i guess i better start crafting my heart out so i can afford my obsession ha
but in the meantime i'll just keep dreaming ahhh...


  1. These are very cute & yes, you do need them ;)!But, you can make most of those things. If you need help let me know. I sew & I've made jewelry & the hair pretties! I'm not sure about the car seat cover though, that looks pretty complicated, unlesss you could find a pattern.

  2. soooo cute! i love all this stuff! tyler doesnt even realize.

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  4. oh my gosh! you're prego! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am seriously so happy for you! and you're having a GIRL! YAY!!! I love all of that stuff that you posted about. I cannot wait to see what your little one looks like in all your cute ideas... :)

  5. I have two girls and STILL dream of all the fun things that I can do! Unfortunately I am so not crafty - so my dreaming is a lot bigger than reality.

  6. Kasey I just found your blog! YAY! Congratulations on having a baby girl!!!! All of that stuff is SOO CUTE!