Monday, November 1, 2010

She's Here!!

Annie Lynn Klein
Born October 24Th 2010 at 1:07 pm

7.7lbs and 20.5 inches long

I'm a Mom!! This past week has been so fun. Annie is such a sweet little baby, and Tyler and I have just fallen in love with this girl! I could just go on and on about how precious and perfect she is. She is a really good baby and we just love having her here!! Here are some pictures from Annie's first week here!

first family picture

Annie Lynn is named after her Grandma Annette and Grandma Deylnn.
If Annie is anything like her Grandma's - she will be AMAZING!

Love her cute cheeks

Okay I know I am her Mom but I am going to say it anyway....
She is the prettiest baby I have ever seen!!
.......we just love her :)


  1. Kasey!!!! She is beautiful! congrats girly!!!

  2. yipppeeee!!! she is adorable!! I can't wait to see her tomorrow

  3. Oh my goodness! I am sooo happy for you guys! She is just darling and perfect!!! Love you and miss ya!!

  4. LOVE it so much! I wish I could have been here to see those first few moments :( maybe next time! Hey.... you need to follow my blog too :)

  5. Kasey! Thanks for your comment on my blog! You are so sweet. We need to keep in touch more! Want to know something funny? So I work for Very Jane and I sent that package to you for that giveaway you won! hahah I saw the name and I was like uhhhhh I know her!! haha any who, I miss you & hope you are doing well!